The RAINcane Cart Watering System will:

​Reduce cart watering time from 2-5 minutes by hand to less than 20 seconds.

Water consistently water each cart every single time so you know all of the plants have been watered the same amount an none missed. 

Water gentle enough to water seedling transplants. Watch the video at 2 minutes 19 seconds. 

Does not waste water draining out after shutting off. RAINcane also turns on immediately.

RAINcane Water Bars are the key to gentle, thorough watering. They are maintainable by pulling them out of the quick disconnects on the system.

Your RAINcane Cart System rate of return is less than a year if you have 500 carts or more and you'll have it for years.

Less than 10 seconds to water a cart just pushing it through!

Need Proof of quality?  Ask Kevin Moss at Moss Greenhouses in Idaho.  He bought his in 2002.  I stopped by in 2010 to see how it was working.  He had planned to just push the carts through by hand instead of tow them through with a motorized cart. Notice what it says on the side. His employees have to count to 7 Mississippi as they put the carts through. That's less than 10 seconds to water the cart.

Working in the Nursery business is very similar to going back in time.  That's what I love about it, but it's also what makes changes difficult.  RAINcane offers the best Cart Watering System on the market.  It's rate of return is less than 1 year if your nursery owns over 500 carts.  Why build your own besides the fact that it's a good challenge.  We have seen lots of contraptions designed to water trays and carts like the ones below. They would work much better if they used RAINcane Water Bars.

Please compare what we offer.

Cart Watering Tunnels 


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