RAINcane builds quality.

We use T6 Aluminum with 3/32 wall thickness on our Garden Center Wands (in the video).

We use Aircraft Aluminum 6061 for our Nursery, Grooming and Cart System RAINcanes. 

All parts are purchased in the U.S.A. Machining and assembly are done in Colorado.


‚ÄčRAINcane Manufacturing U.S.A.

Our Grips are High Quality that will withstand sitting out in the sun unlike other brands who's grips dry and crack.

We use Brass Ball Valves on our Grooming and Nursery Wands

Our machined PVC Handles are thick and won't break when dropped on the floor. 

We use a Brass Cap on Grooming and Nursery wands that won't break when the tip is banged around.

Our Garden Center Wand is build to be driven over and has a plastic cap to reduce weight for long days of watering and one will have to occasionally replace the plastic cap available at any hardware store.

RAINcane Professional Grooming wands are designed for heavy usage.  They are for dogs and smaller pets. RAINcane offers a well balanced handle attached to a brass swivel on a durable yet very flexible hose.  The additional brass Swivel at the other end of the hose prevents the hose from EVER twisting up.

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