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When your pets are less stressed, you'll get your grooming completed quicker. Ultimately saving you TIME; MONEY and WATER! You and your customers will be happier!  We guarantee your satisfaction!

For Professional Groomers- Look at the sprayer in your grooming tub right now.  Ask yourself the following questions:

1.Does your wrist hurt after years of holding down a trigger spray in order to wash your clients? 
     This problem can be solved by having an adjustable valve conveniently located on the sprayer.

2. Does your sprayer have an adjustable valve to adjust the water pressure coming out?

     If you were a pet being bathed, wouldn't you want the water to be gentle when getting your face washed?

3. What was your sprayer designed for? Kitchen use, to clean dishes? Gardening use, to water plants? A shower head designed to stand under?  RAINcane was designed to do a better job of combing out dirt and soap ? You can actually see the streak pattern after use.


Professional Dog Grooming

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