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Brass swivels on both ends. 

Quality 5 foot flexible hose with 

Dog Grooming

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SAVE YOUR WRIST! -  Most grooming stations use a sprayer with a Trigger Valve. This means you have to compress it the entire time one baths each dog. RAINcane's adjustable ball valve allows groomers to set the water pressure and not hold a trigger. This type of valve will help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.  

Using an adjustable RAINcane ball valve will also allow you to turn down the pressure and make bath time less traumatic for the pet. 

Self grooming stations should all have RAINcane Wands to save water and assist customers do a better job on their pet.

Adjustable Brass Valve


​Professional Dog Groomers:

​Time is money and RAINcane will save you time.

Saving time rinsing your pet will also save you water.  Here's why-

Combing out dirt and soap from fur is faster than spraying it with a circular spray nozzle. A comb like spray pattern does a better job of cleaning!

A groomer does not have to fully turn a dog around in the tub to rinse.  The RAINcane wand easily fits between the tub and the dog. This greatly decreases rinsing time. 

The quality RAINcane hose with swivels on both ends will prevent hose from ever twisting and allow you to glide the RAINcane wand over all body curves.